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just me (my last 40+ years in music...)

awards & Co. :

​certified Gold Record Mexico (Filippa Giordano "Primadonna", 2007)

certified Gold and Platinum Record Canada (Paul Daraiche "Mes amours, mes amis", 2012)

"Vox pop EP" winner @ Independent Music Awards, 14th edition (Neisy Wilson "Inside my soul", 2016)

"The UK Songwriting Contest" Open Category winner, 2017

interviewed as part of NAMM Oral History Program, 2018

December Rose's "New Artist of the Year" 2020 on
New Music Weekly Awards

countries I worked in :

US, UK, Canada, Mexico, France, ​Italy

past work and collabos :

Andrea Bocelli (20+ million copies album 'Romanza', best-selling album by an Italian artist of any genre in history, and best-selling album by a foreign artist in Canada), Gino Vannelli, Randy Crawford, Belle Epoque,

Kool & The Gang, Wayne Shorter, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Joe Vannelli,

Billy Preston, Michael Landau, Phil Palmer, Vinnie Colaiuta,

John Patitucci, Steve Tavaglione, Frank Gambale, Mario Schiliro',

Natasha King, Pointer Sisters, Filippa Giordano, Parisse, Diane Pinet,

Mario Pelchat, Paul Daraîche, Raina Kabaivanska, Marc Hervieux,

Franco J Marino, Tocadeo, Patrick Fiori, Natalie Choquette,

Francois D'Amours, Suzie Villeneuve, Francesca Gagnon, Regina Rogers, Rick Allison, Paolo D'Alessandro, Massimo Gallotta, Claudio Casalini, 

Pino Toma, Massimo Scarparo, Riccardo Vitanza, Sony Music Italy,

Sony Mexico, Warner, Polygram, Virgin, Sugar, EMI, RAI, Mediaset,

RTI, Endemol, MP3 Disques, Juno Records...

the upcoming generation of artists :

Alessandra Paonessa, Alexandra Sirard, Alexandre Da Costa, Anastasia Lee, Aston Barrett Jr., Ben Gin, Chris Broom, Chloe Povall, Clairon Haynes, December Rose, Frazy Nondo, Jade Above, Jason Red, Jonathan Antoine, Kathryn Berry, Giorgia Fumanti, Flavia Garcia, Jose Maria Gianelli, Jordan Perry, Ken Presse, Leandro Ragusa, Lucy Thomas, Lydia Gerrard, Mario Telaro, Marc Martel, Mary-Jess, Mike Melino, Natalia Krishtopets, Natascia Nati Maimone, Neisy Wilson, Prod Fab, Quatuor Neons, Stephanie Caprara, Stephane Parenteau, Tedy, The Wailers, Tyrone Chambers II, Tralese, VeebyVictor V Victor, Uzi Ezra and many others.


what I do

full productions >
from single songs to complete albums. I can start from your ideas - no matter how basic - and develop a full project adding whatever is necessary up to the final mastering stage
songwriting and co-writing >
I can write songs for you or help you finish or refine your songs, music
and lyrics, or working on songs' structure, from singles to EPs to
complete albums
arrangements, beat-making, programming, sequencing >
I can write, play and program (midi) all the parts of your songs,
tailoring the whole sound to suit your voice or instrument
I can also find you the best studio session players available for
recordings, overdubbing, featuring, etc.
orchestrations >
I can write arrangements for live shows or studio recording for
any kind of band and orchestra size, including scores, music direction,
and recorded sequences
analog recording >
top quality analog recording with the finest equipment (preamps, microphones and converters) in a great sounding environment,
from single voice / instrument up to 4-6 musicians
digital editing >
all advanced editing operations like tuning, pitch shifting, noise reduction, quantizing, song restructuring, etc.
mixing >
from simple voice on instrumental stereo track to complex cinematic mixes with hundreds of tracks. All the best available daws and plugins, and carefully selected analog hardware
mastering >
analog / digital hybrid mastering environment, best of both worlds.
My monitors go down to 23 Hz and lower, which helps a lot !
Formats complying to all platforms, from physical CDs (NO, I don't print them !) to all major streaming services
what I DON'T do... >
please don't ask for any kind of : promotion, publicity, management,
distribution, CD printing, record labels or record companies deals,
live concerts, publishing deals, recording contracts, etc... not my field
(I just make music), so you'll have to ask someone else.
Also, I DO NOT place or pitch songs to artists (not even the ones I produce or work with), try management or publishers for that.
Thank you for understanding !
and... >
hey I am available to hear your stuff... and maybe if you are INSANELY talented we could collaborate !

my studio

design >
my studio is a one-room environment, designed by Nicolas Grou (Grantham Acoustique), and built from the ground up with giant bass traps and reflective / absorbent / diffusing elements embedded in all parts of the structure, resulting in a very neutral sound, perfect for recording, mixing and mastering. 

An attracting mixture of woods, concrete, bricks, glass, stucco, textiles,

furniture and lighting gives the room a "luxury chalet" look and feel.

equipment >

all studio equipment - including monitoring - is protected by a TrippLite SU3000RTXL2U 3kVA online double conversion UPS, a Furman PL-Plus and a Furman Pl-Plus C

daw & computer :

Avid ProTools HD Native w/ ProTools Ultimate 2019.12, Slate Digital Raven MTi, Lynx Aurora (n) HD, Mac Pro 12-core 3.33 GHz - 64Gb RAM - Radeon RX560 - 1Tb SSD Samsung EVO system drive - 1x Toshiba 4Tb audio drive + 2x 6Tb Seagate Barracuda Pro library drives, G-Tech G-Drive 10 Tb, Newertech MAXPOWER, Philips 32" 323E7 FHD 5ms LCD

preamps & outboard : 

Focusrite ISA 215 dual channel preamp, E.A.R. 824M tube dual mono preamp, Aurora Audio GTQ2 dual channel preamp, Buzz Audio SSA-1.1 dual channel preamp, E.A.R. 660 tube compressor (x2), Avalon Design U5 Ultra Five D.I. (x2)

monitoring : 

Cranesong Avocet, Tyler Acoustics MM5x, Emotiva XPA2-Gen3, Yamaha MSP5A,  Isoacoustics ISO-L8R155, Sennheiser HD-600, Ollo HPS-S4, AudioTechnica ATH-M50x, Shure SRH-940, ART HeadAmp, Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL HA4700

instruments : 

Kurzweil Midiboard, Oberheim Matrix-6, Ibach 183 cm Grand Piano with Dammp Chaser Life Saver System, Novation Supernova Rack

microphones :

Neumann U87 Ai, Royerlabs SF-12 Stereo, Shure SM7, Mojave  MA-200 tube, Lewitt LCT 340 pair, Telefunken / Sennheiser MD421/5, Josephson Engineering C42 Matched Pair

accessories :

Ultimate Support Nucleus NUC-001 desk, MGear Design 3-bays rack, Teknion Contessa chairs (x2), Latch Lake MicKing 2200

all cabling by Mogami

all major Daws available (ProTools Ultimate, Harrison Mixbus, Vienna Ensemble Pro, etc.) with hundreds of plugins, and more than 12 Tbytes of libraries, samples, loops and virtual instruments in AAX, AU, VST2 and VST3 formats

Studio pictures by Ada Gioia Photographer


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media > music & videos

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my rates


- Acustica Audio plugins

I never published my rates before... until I realized that, for some reason,
people usually think I am much more expensive than I actually am...
so for INDEPENDENT projects / artists / producers here are my rates
(well established artists, major labels and record companies sorry...
I have a different price for you LOL) >
studio time (for programming, recording, editing) >
$ 60 Cad per hour, $ 400 Cad full day (8 hours)
mixing >
$ 400 Cad or $ 300 Usd flat rate in most cases.
Slightly lower prices for mixing with stems or on a stereo instrumental,
slightly higher prices for particularly complex sessions or where a lot of editing is required
max 1-2 revisions are included for free
mastering >
$ 60 Cad or $ 50 Usd per song (flat rate)
$ 500 Cad or $ 400 Usd per album (flat rate, up to 12 songs)
mastering always include files in all required formats (wav 24 and 16 bit,
mp3 @320kbps, m4a, etc.) and DDP file for CD printing if required
full albums >
people often ask how much would it cost to fully produce a whole album; given the number of variables it's very difficult to answer this question, but as an approximate ballpark I'd say you can expect anything from 10k $ Usd to 20k $ Usd.
producer fees >
producer fees and/or royalties may be added to the deal for a number of reasons, but it's going to be discussed on a case by base basis
note on prices >
prices are in $ Cad for canadian customers only
all other clients please look at the $ Usd prices
european customers please contact me if you need prices in Euro
note on payments >
my preferred payment method is via Paypal (please use the Paypal button on my Contact page or email me for details)
yes, the Paypal fee (if any) is on me !
upon special agreements I will also accept wire transfers or E-Transfers
(from Canada)



contact form

Montreal (Quebec)

Email: info@stevegalante.com

Acustia Audio endorsement by Stfano Galante

- Ollo Audio headphones



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